Editorial Board of Scientific Journals

  1. Chemical Science Review and Letters.

  2. Academia Journal of Food Research.

  3. International Journal of Chemistry and Material Science.

  4. Journal of Food Research.

  5. Journal of Medical and Biological Science Research (JMBSR).

  6. International Journal of Current Materials Sciences; Click Here

  7. Journal of antioxidant activity; Click Here

  8. Journal of New Developments in Chemistry; Click Here

  9. Madridge Journal of Pharmaceutical Research (MJPR); Click Here

  10. International Journal of Environmental Chemistry; Click Here

  11. Journal of Research in Pharmaceutics and Drug Development; Click Here

  12. Materials Science: Materials Review; Click Here

  13. Chemical Methodologies; http://chemmethod.com.

  14. Cogent Chemistry, Taylor & Francis

  15. Medicine, USA, (ISI web of Knowledge)

  16. Open Chemistry, (ISI web of Knowledge)

  17. 3Biotech, Springer (ISI web of Knowledge).

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