The key focus of our research group is to identify secondary metabolites from Plants, Herbs, Fungal culture.

Our expertise

  • Extraction, fractionation, isolation, 1D 2D NMR identification, derivatization, bioactivity of important secondary metabolites.

  • Microbial transformation of important medicinal compounds isolated from different natural sources.

  • Bioassay guided isolation of natural metabolites.

  • HPLC based determination.

  • HPTLC standardization.

  • Metabolomics.

  • Plants endophyte.


  • Studies of natural products for anti-cancer and cytotoxic activity.

  • Attenuates isoproterenol-induced myocardial injuries in rats: Possible involvement of oxidative stress, apoptosis, inflammation through nuclear factor (NF)-κB downregulation.

  • Toxicological studies on natural compounds.

  • Evaluation of comparative cytotoxicity.

  • Activity of anti-inflammatory compounds.


Crocosmia × crocosmiiflora (montbretia) flowers yielded four esters (montbresides A–D)
of a new sucrose-based tetrasaccharide, 3-O-β-D-glucopyranosyl-4´
-O-α-D-rhamnopyranosyl-sucrose [β-D-Glc-(1 → 3)-α-D-Glc-(1↔2)
-β-D-Fru-(4 ← 1)-α-D-Rha]. All four possess O-p-coumaroyl residues on C-3 of fructose
and C-4 of α-glucose, plus O-acetyl residues on C-2 and C-3 of rhamnose and C-6 of fructose.


X-ray crystallographic and validated HPTLC analysis of the biomarker chromoneglucoside
(schumanniofioside A) isolated from Acalypha fruticosa growing in Saudi Arabia.


Anvillea garcinii is a medicinal plant used in the Arab region for intestinal
diseases, lungs and liver diseases, digestive problems, and as an
anti-diabetic. Repeated chromatographic purifications of A. garcinii
leaves led to the isolation of novel undescribed guaiane sesquiterpene
lactones. The structures of the new compounds were established using
spectroscopic (1D, 2D NMR) and spectrometric methods (ESIMS). Compounds were shown to possess hydroxyl substituents at position 9, a structural feature rarely reported in guaianolide-type sesquiterpenes.

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